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API 609 Butterfly Valve

Nominal Diameter : 2‘’~48‘’
Nominal Preesure : CLASS150LB
Design Standard : API609
Ends Flange dimension : ASME B16.47
Inspection and test : API598
Connection type : Flanged、Wafer、LUG、BW ends etc.
Mainly Material : WCB、CF8、CF8M、CF3、CF3M etc.
Opeartion type : Gearbox、Electric Actuator、Pneumatic Actuator etc

◆ Material Of API 609 Butterfly Valve

Pos. Part Material
1 Body WCB
2 Disc CF8M
3 Stem AISI 316
4 Seal Graphite+SS316
5 Seat STL overlay
6 Bolt ASMT B193-B7
7 Nut ASMT B194-2H
8 Stem Packing Flexible Graphite
9 Gland ASMT A276 410
10 Stem Nut B194-2H
11 Gearbox WCB

ZHENGFENG VALVE LTD Butterfly valve is designed with triple eccentricity and flexible multi-layer metal and graphite overlapping,

which ensures good sealing performance and reduces operating torque.

The elastic properties of the multilayer composite metal sealing ring enable the valve to have zero leakage performance.Welcome the majority of users to inquire.

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